Net-Zero Energy Conference & Dinner

22-23 March 2022 | Edinburgh

In the next two decades Scotland will transform into a net-zero nation powered by clean electrons and secure its status as a world-leader in renewable energy.

The years to 2030 will be crucial as we build at least 12GW more onshore wind, 10GW more offshore wind, 4GW more solar PV while also building out new Pumped Storage Hydro projects. All this will power the decarbonisation of heat in half of Scotland’s homes and buildings, the electrification of our transport systems and the generation of hydrogen as a new and flexible fuel.

Scottish Renewables’ Net-Zero Energy Conference 2022 is a unique opportunity to hear from experts across our energy system – in power, heat, transport and grid – as well as a place to discuss the issues which matter with the people making it happen, and those who can support you and your business.

View photography from the 2022 event. 

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  • EDF Renewables

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