Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 2020


All data subjects whose personal data is collected, in line with the requirements of the GDPR. This privacy notice covers the general activities of Scottish Renewables.


  • The Data Protection Officer / GDPR Owner is responsible for ensuring that this notice is made available to data subjects prior to Scottish Renewables collecting/processing their personal data.
  • All Employees/Staff of Scottish Renewables who interact with data subjects are responsible for ensuring that this notice is drawn to the data subject’s attention and their consent to the processing of their data is secured.

Privacy Notice

Who are we?

Scottish Renewables is a trade body supporting members working in renewable energy. Based in Scotland, we deliver services which help to support and grow the renewables industry in Scotland. To support this work, we provide a range of communications and event services which deliver value to members. Some of these services are also available to non-members.

Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted directly here:
Name: Claire Mack  
Phone: 0141 353 4980


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Sources of personal data

  • Name: via bookings for events (either manually by Scottish Renewables staff in person/by telephone or through the Scottish Renewables website), registration for membership, website registration in order to receive membership benefits (i.e. access to member-only documents), registration to Scottish Renewables' marketing list or general enquiries about Scottish Renewables’ work.
  • Job Title: as above
  • Job Type/Level: as above
  • Sector Type: as above
  • Employer: as above
  • Employer’s website address: as above
  • Telephone number: as above
  • Email: as above
  • Relevant PA or contact details of any colleague making any event or other booking on another’s behalf: as above
  • Social Media address (e.g. Twitter or LinkedIn identity): from event speaker sign-up form.
  • Scottish Renewables events which have been attended: via bookings for events (either manually by Scottish Renewables staff in person/by telephone or through the Scottish Renewables website).


How we use your data

The personal data we collect will be used for the following purposes:

  • Communication to members on Scottish Renewables’ membership activities and our work
  • Communication to prospective members about Scottish Renewables membership
  • Communication on events and initiatives relating to renewable energy.

Our legal basis for processing personal data is:

  • As a trade body for the renewable energy sector we receive contact data from our members and wider industry supply chain.
  • We manage communication with members in line with our contractual obligations to them. That communication can include our Daily and Monthly Briefings, event updates, emails concerning member Forums and more.
  • We also communicate with members, wider industry and other interested stakeholders on our work and activities in the sector.
  • We manage bookings made to attend our events and will communicate on these and related events.
  • This data is used to further industry development, including supporting supply chain development
  • and information sharing.

Any legitimate interests pursued by us, or third parties we use, are as follows:

  • Provision of information to contacts received in the course of our trade association work from companies operating within our sector.
  • Provision of information to contacts received in the course of running equivalent sector events.

Specifically, we use data for several business functions. It may be collected from:

Delegates at events
During the booking process you will be asked for personal details with which we will:

  • Populate an attendee list which will be made available at the event and on Scottish Renewables’ website and shared by email. This list contains ONLY names and employer names.
  • (For Parliamentary events only, your data will be shared with the relevant Parliament under the terms of Scottish Renewables’ booking).
  • Produce name badges (which contain ONLY names and employer names) which delegates should wear to identify themselves at events.

Speakers at events

During the speaker sign-up process you will be asked for personal details with which we will:

  • Populate an attendee list which will be made available at the event and on Scottish Renewables’ website.
  • Produce a programme (both online and in print) which will detail ONLY speakers’ names, business names, job titles, short professional biographies and Twitter handles.
  • Use in the organisation of the event (specifically, we may share your name, business name, job title, Twitter handle and email address with other speakers).
  • Produce name badges (which contain ONLY names and employer names) which speakers should wear to identify themselves at events.

Nominees for any Scottish Renewables awards programme

  • Data collected during the nomination and shortlisting process (including but not limited to names, business names, job titles, email addresses and biographies) will be shared with event judges.
  • Shortlisted finalists’ data will be used in the production of an event programme which will be available in print at the event and on our website (specifically name, business name, job title and any other details submitted as part of a nomination).
  • Winners’ data (specifically name, business name, job title) will be shared with an external company for the production of winners’ trophies.

Member Forum meetings

  • The purpose of Scottish Renewables member Forums is to share knowledge between members.
  • To that end, data including names, job titles, business names and details of comments made at Scottish Renewables member Forums can be shared between members of that Forum and the Scottish Renewables membership more widely UNLESS you specifically request of the Chair that comments made during the meeting remain confidential. That request must be made during the meeting in question.

Members of Scottish Renewables

  • Individuals whose employer is a member of Scottish Renewables are eligible to receive member benefits including, but not limited to, our Daily Briefing, Monthly Briefing emails and regular updates on events which Scottish Renewables is organising. We will communicate with employees of member organisations and store their data as detailed in this Privacy Notice to fulfil our contractual obligations to our members.
  • We also publish details of Scottish Renewables member companies on our website. These are publicly available and are published as part of our contractual obligations to our members.
  • Scottish Renewables may share your data with the organisation through whose membership you are able to receive member benefits (which may be your employer). This is to assist members in accessing member benefits and will include details of which member Forums you are subscribed to. Scottish Renewables will never share your data externally. 

Membership of the Young Professionals in Renewables Network

  • Members of the above network provide personal data which is stored by Scottish Renewables in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
  • We may contact members of the above network in order to communicate details of events which may be of interest, as long as they have given consent for Scottish Renewables to do so.

Non-members of Scottish Renewables

  • Individuals who are not members of Scottish Renewables as detailed above are still able to receive regular updates on events which Scottish Renewables is organising as long as they have opted to do so. Recipients can unsubscribe from any email list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link which appears at the end of every email, or by emailing
  • If you would like more details on becoming a Scottish Renewables member, please see our Membership Opportunities brochure or get in touch: or 0141 353 4980.

We do not collect or process special categories of personal data.

How we store your data

  • Personal data is stored on Scottish Renewables’ password-protected server
  • Personal data is stored on Scottish Renewables’ secure website server
  • Personal data is stored on secure Microsoft servers.
  • We use email, which we manage on the Campaign Monitor platform, to keep you up to date with our work and to invite you to events in which we think you may have an interest. The only information about you which we manage through Campaign Monitor is an email address.


  • When we ask for personal data we will ask for permission to process your personal data specifically for the purposes identified.
  • Consent is required for Scottish Renewables to process all personal data, unless Scottish Renewables is contacting its members in order to fulfil contractual obligations to them.
  • Where we are asking you for sensitive personal data we will always tell you why and how the information will be used.

You may withdraw consent at any time either by:

  • Unsubscribing by clicking on an unsubscribe link in relevant electronic communication.
  • If you are a member, by logging into your account at and updating your communication preferences.
  • By emailing with a notification that you withdraw your consent for us to process personal data.


Scottish Renewables will not pass on your personal data to third parties without first obtaining your

Retention period

Scottish Renewables will process personal data for three years and will store the personal data for five years.

Your rights as a data subject

At any point while we are in possession of or processing your personal data, you, the data subject,
have the following rights:

  • Right of access – you have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you.
  • Right of rectification – you have a right to correct data that we hold about you that is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right to be forgotten – in certain circumstances you can ask for the data we hold about you to be erased from our records.
  • Right to restriction of processing – where certain conditions apply to have a right to restrict the processing.
  • Right of portability – you have the right to have the data we hold about you transferred to another organisation.
  • Right to object – you have the right to object to certain types of processing such as direct marketing.
  • Right to object to automated processing, including profiling – you also have the right to be subject to the legal effects of automated processing or profiling.
  • Right to judicial review: in the event that Scottish Renewables refuses your request under rights of access, we will provide you with a reason as to why. You have the right to complain as outlined below.

All of the above requests will be forwarded on should there be a third party involved (as stated above) in the processing of your personal data. To seek information about how your data is processed please contact our Data Protection Officer. You can download a template letter which may be helpful here.


In the event that you wish to make a complaint about how your personal data is being processed by Scottish Renewables (or third parties as described above), or how your complaint has been handled, you have the right to lodge a complaint directly with the supervisory authority and Scottish Renewables’ Data Protection Officer.

The details for each of these contacts are:

Data Protection Officer:
Claire Mack
Scottish Renewables
24 Saint Vincent Place
G1 2EU
0141 353 4980

Supervisory authority contact details:
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
0303 123 1113