Our Team

Chief Executive

Business Services

  • Thomas Duchan November 22

    Thomas Duchan

    Director of Operations

  • Anne Lawrence 2022

    Anne Lawrence

    Office Manager

  • Bronwyn Grant

    Bronwyn Grant

    Finance & Administration Officer


  • Nick Sharpe 2

    Nick Sharpe

    Director of Communications and Strategy

  • EM headshot

    Ewan McInnes

    Media Manager

  • Jack Norquoy

    Jack Norquoy

    Public Affairs Manager

  • Laura Russell 2022

    Laura Russell

    Communications Manager

Energy Transition and Supply Chain

  • Emma Harrick 2022

    Emma Harrick

    Head of Energy Transition and Supply Chain

  • Sophie Pacitti

    Sophie Pacitti

    Supply Chain Officer - Stakeholder Engagement

Events & Membership

  • Carol Burns

    Carol Burns

    Senior Membership & Events Manager

  • Rachel Dickie 2022

    Rachel Dickie

    Senior Events Manager

  • Amy Lynch

    Amy Lynch

    Events Manager

  • Natalie Martinez

    Natalie Martinez

    Events and Membership Officer


  • Morag Watson 2022

    Morag Watson

    Director of Policy

  • Helen Melone 2022

    Helen Melone

    Senior Policy Manager - Heat, Hydrogen & Solar

  • Mark Richardson 008

    Mark Richardson

    Senior Policy Manager - Onshore Wind & Consenting

  • Stephen McKellar

    Stephen McKellar

    Senior Policy Manager – Grid and Systems

  • Andrew MacNish Porter 2022

    Andrew MacNish Porter

    Policy Manager - Economics & Markets

  • Hettie Pike 2022

    Hettie Pike

    Policy Research & Support Officer