Net-Zero Energy Conference & Dinner Programme

Day 1

Net-Zero Energy Conference Dinner

Delegates of Scottish Renewables’ Net-Zero Energy Conference are invited to attend a networking dinner on Tuesday 22 March, the evening prior to the conference. Guests will be treated to an evening of dining and relaxed networking with renewable energy professionals.

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Day 2



A time of change – the fundamental shifts in our energy system

Pillar sponsored by EDF Renewables

Over the last 20 we’ve seen our energy system absorb numerous incremental changes with onshore wind, solar and more recently, large offshore wind projects coming in to do heavy lifting of generating our electricity. Ahead, there are many pathways being outlined to reach net-zero, none of which see the status quo remain.

New inputs and outputs to the system such as hydrogen and battery storage, along with huge shifts in consumer demand and behaviour, all need to be managed alongside our existing assets.

The level of coordination required across both the energy industry and wider business, consumers and finance is unprecedented, but also absolutely necessary to deliver net-zero.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The megatrends and the key influences that will shape and steer the energy system to net-zero
  • Key insights into what is expected from both sides of the table – the political view and the industry view
  • Expert views on how the fundamental shifts in our energy system will impact on industry

Welcome & Chair
Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables  

Ministerial Address
Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport 

Sponsor Address
Hassaan Majid, Chief Financial Officer, EDF Renewables

Lilah Howson-Smith, Senior Associate - UK Policy and Politics, Global Counsel 
Eamonn Ives, Head of Energy and Environment, Centre for Policy Studies 
Paul Robertson, Head of Public Affairs, The BIG Partnership
Dan Starman, Head of Assets & Infrastructure and Networks, Cornwall Insight
Hassaan Majid, Chief Financial Officer, EDF Renewables

Q & A


Networking break


Future shape of the industry in Scotland – an energy system for net-zero

Our energy system is undergoing its greatest transformation since the industrial revolution. In two decades, we will shift from a system powered by fossil fuels to one powered 80% by renewable energy. The scale of the challenge is huge, but so are the economic opportunities - and Scotland has assets which cover all bases.

The Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy is on the horizon and ambition is high, but the clock is ticking an urgent progress is needed to prevent the opportunities and benefits from slipping through our fingers.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The scale of Scotland’s ambition and the opportunities it offers to your business
  • What we can expect from the Energy Strategy and its implications for industry
  • The latest insights on the energy transition and the interplay between renewables, oil and gas

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

John Lang, Communication Lead, Aspect Communications 
Mary Thorogood, Government Relations, External Affairs and Communications Director, Net Zero Technology Centre
Harriet Harmon, Head of Transmission Charging Policy, Ofgem 

Q & A


Exhibition & Networking Lunch


Getting the financial environment right – CfD auctions and beyond

The CfD mechanism has worked phenomenally well at driving down costs and driving up deployment, but it needs to evolve to continue to deliver in a changed environment. CfD auctions must be optimised to continue to deliver the volumes of renewable energy net-zero requires at least cost to consumers.

The days of subsidy are behind us, and it is now all about financial stabilisation. The mechanism has moved on and so must our thinking about supporting early-stage technologies. As industry awaits the outcome of Auction Round 4, the time is right to take stock of where we are and make the changes needed for the future.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Expert views on the future shape of the CfD mechanism and the opportunities it offers to your business
  • The latest insights into the interplay between the CfD and our supply chain ambitions
  • What thought leaders are saying on minimising consumer cost as energy prices continue to capture the headlines

Adam Morrison, Project Director for Moray West Offshore Wind Farm, Ocean Winds

James Marsh, Senior Business Development Manager, SmartestEnergy
John Boyce, Development Director – Wind, RES
Sarah-Jane McArthur, Partner, Brodies LLP

Q & A


Exhibition & Networking


An energy grid fit for net-zero – re-wiring the system

Sponsored by SSEN Transmission

As we move towards net-zero the amount of electricity we generate will double, or maybe even triple. But the grid and its associated regulatory system was not designed for an energy system powered by renewable energy. The rules it operates under are 30 years old and designed for a different era.

The time is right for a fundamental rethink of how our electricity grid operates, how we pay for it, how we structure it, who runs it and for what outcomes. We need to think big, starting with the infrastructure needed to get the power on the first leg of it's journey to the consumer.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The changes needed for the electricity grid and how industry can engage successfully in the regulatory arena to get a workable solution
  • How we outline the economic benefits to UK PLC and bill payers not just of new renewable energy generation and storage but also the value of these huge infrastructure builds in the face of very challenging market conditions
  • Our thought leaders’ views on the risks and opportunities of enacting fundamental change at both a physical and financial level to a critical piece of electricity infrastructure – all while it still needs to operate effectively

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Aileen McLeod, Director of Business Planning and Commercial, SSEN Transmission
Paul Wheelhouse, Net Zero Lead on Energy Transition, South of Scotland Enterprise
Euan McVicar, Senior Climate Advisor, Pinsent Masons 
Marc Smeed, Grid Manager, Green Investment Group

Q & A


Event close

Closing remarks
Adam Morrison, Chair, Scottish Renewables

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