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Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Offshore wind, Onshore wind, Wave & tidal

Vattenfall is Europe's sixth largest generator of electricity and the continents largest producer of heat. In Scotland, it is operating and developing onshore wind with a portfolio of nearly 500MW, developing offshore wind and with partners developing an interconnector linking Scotland and Norway.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s):

Ventient Energy is the third largest generator of onshore wind energy in the UK and the largest non-utility owner of onshore wind. With ~700MW of installed capacity on 34 wind farms stretching the length of Great Britain from Cornwall to Caithness, Ventient Energy is uniquely placed to capture the abundant wind energy that crosses the UK, one of Europe’s windiest countries. Ventient Energy Limited was formed in 2017 from two leading independent wind energy power producers, Zephyr and Infinis when the Infinis portfolio was acquired by institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Ventient Energy continues to grow as one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies with ambition to operate renewable energy projects across Europe. We are working to expand our portfolio, seeking renewable energy opportunities with long-term forecastable cash flows, diversity of technology and region through reputable partners and technology providers.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Hydropower, Onshore wind

Vento Ludens He who plays with the wind) have been working successfully since 2000 as developer, investor and owner of renewable energy installations, and are wholly dedicated to producing clean, renewable energy.We are committed to the development of first class solar, wind & hydro projects.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Offshore wind, Onshore wind

Wind. It means the world to us. A world where we are relentlessly committed to focusing our 30 years of pioneering experience on one pure goal: generating the greatest and most sustainable return on wind for our customers.

Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Onshore wind

The 370MW Viking Wind Farm is a joint venture between the Shetland community and SSE. Approval for the 103 turbine development was granted by the Scottish Government in 2012. It is likely to be one of the world’s most productive onshore wind farms.