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The who's who of Scotland's renewable energy industry

Scotland is working to build a strong and diverse supply chain to support our growing renewable energy industry. We are building on solid foundations, taking advantage of our long-established expertise in offshore oil and gas, drawing on our rich heritage in heavy industry and manufacturing, and capitalising on Scotland’s outstanding prowess in academic research.

Boasting some of Europe’s best renewable energy resources and expertise, Scotland attracts a wide range of companies into the renewables supply chain – spanning bioenergy, geothermal, heat pumps, solar, storage, tidal, wave and wind (onshore and offshore). The Directory is a reflection of that diverse wealth of services and solutions, and provides a central resource for our business community.

We invite your organisation to advertise in the Scottish Renewable Energy Directory to profile your credentials to the industry at large and ensure your organisation is part of the ‘who’s who’ of Scotland’s growing renewables sector. 


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