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Scottish Renewables consultation response: RO Grace periods consultation


On the 28 November, Renewable UK and Scottish Renewables responded to the DECC consultation on RO Grace Periods.

Our key points include

  • We welcome and agree with the proposal to offer a 12 Month grace perios for RO accreditation delays due to radar and grid connection
  • The proposal to offer a 12 month greace period to projects with an investment contract, in case of lack of state aid approval is helpful, although we recommend that a time imit is built in so that if State Aid approval has not been obtained by a certain date, then entry into the RO with a Grace Period is guaranteed
  • We agree with the principle to offer a 12 month grace period to projects to projects which participate in a notification process targeted at developers making investment decisions between now and the 31 July 2014. However we have some concerns with the balance between the strength of the eligibility criteria and the application deadline. 
  • We are particulary concerned with the additional barrier of having to provide evidence of substantial financial decisions (2.17.c.) prior to 31 July 2014.

This response also includes a separate letter from Scottish Renewables responding to the Grace periods consultation for biomass.

Posted on 29/11/2013

sr_-_grace_period_-_response.pdf (388.2 KB, pdf)