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Draft National Marine Plan Response


Scottish Renewables’ response to Marine Scotland’s draft National Marine Plan. Our key points are:

  • We support the implementation of a marine planning regime as required under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 and believes the development of the offshore renewables sectoral plans has been one of the most inclusive, transparent and robust planning processes for any marine sector to date.
  • The offshore renewables industry has huge potential to create significant job creation and investment opportunities, while contributing to climate change mitigation and energy security.
  • However, it is imperative the consenting process for projects which have already submitted planning applications is not adversely impacted by the development of the new planning regime.
  • Clear integration between the planning regimes offshore and onshore is essential
  • We support the development of overarching objectives to meet the Scottish Government’s vision and the use of HLMOs and GES indicators
  • The General Policies must be consistent with EIA requirements.

The response also includes our comments on the following additional consultations as annexes:

  1. the draft Planning Circular on the relationship between the land and marine planning systems; 
  2. the consultation on the Draft Scottish Marine Regions Order 2013, and;
  3. Scottish Renewables Offshore Renewables Community Benefit Position Paper.
Posted on 22/11/2013

nmp_sr_response.pdf (231.8 KB, pdf)