Number of trees felled for wind farm construction

2/03/20 | Reaction

Responding to news that almost seven million trees have been felled in the north of Scotland to make way for onshore wind farms since the year 2000;

Morag Watson, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables said:

"In the 20 years covered by this Freedom of Information request, wind farm developers have felled 32% of the trees that commercial forestry would fell in only one year.

“The removal of trees during the construction of a wind farm – in the main from non-native conifer forests – is regulated by strict planning conditions. Planners can decide that an equal or greater number of trees are replanted on-site or elsewhere as compensation if they choose.

“Overall wind energy now provides two thirds of Scotland’s renewable electricity, reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change: the greatest threat to Scotland’s forests.”

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