Scotland’s clean power up by almost a third

31/03/23 | News release
Onshore Wind

The amount of clean power generated in Scotland in 2022 is up 29.5% on the previous year.

Renewable electricity increased to 35,253GWh in 2022 up from 27,228GWh with onshore and offshore wind power making up 78% of the overall capacity - up 37.8% from 2021.

The figures announced today (March 31) were published by the UK Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ). Highlights include:

  • Installed offshore capacity increased from 946MW at the end of 2021, to 2,166MW at the end of 2022 – up 129%.
  • Solar generation grew by 127GWh over the same 12 month period, the biggest annual increase since BEIS started recording energy trends in 2009.
  • A 1.6GW capacity increase across all technologies since 2021, the biggest annual increase ever recorded by BEIS.
  • The average combined load factors, a measure of the efficiency of electricity usage, for offshore and onshore wind have increased from 24.1% to 30.2%, maximising the use of Scotland’s wind power.

DESNZ regularly publishes UK energy trends focusing on the production and consumption of coal, oil, gas, electricity and renewables.

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications and Strategy at Scottish Renewables, said:

“These figures are yet another example of how vital renewable technologies are for the UK’s energy security as well as providing the country with a cleaner, cheaper and greener future.

“From offshore, onshore and tidal wind to solar and heat pumps the UK is at the forefront of the green revolution. But we can’t take our eye of the ball and both the UK and Scottish Governments must continue to invest in renewables if we want to benefit from the fresh economic investment and regeneration opportunities a home-grown clean energy supply will bring.”

  • More information is available from DESNZ
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