UK Government announces plans for 'Powering up Britain'

30/03/23 | Reaction

The UK Government today (March 30) launched its ‘Powering up Britain’ manifesto which sets out how it plans to tackle energy security and deliver on our net-zero commitments.

Responding, Claire Mack, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said:

“Today’s announcements should have been a defining moment for the UK – a chance to encourage the necessary investment to deploy the renewable energy projects required to safeguard our energy security, cut bills for consumers and meet our net-zero targets. It is unacceptable that they have fallen so far short.

“Nothing announced today comes close to repairing the damage caused by recent policy decisions from the UK Government which have discouraged that investment in clean power projects at the very time the UK needs it most.

“Renewable energy projects, through the Contracts for Difference mechanism, have provided a valuable buffer from unprecedented high gas prices to avoid the need for deeper interventions from Government. Last year, when gas prices were at their highest, renewable energy generators paid back over £300m to consumers between July and September alone. Not only are wind and solar farms, alongside other clean power projects, now keeping the UK’s lights on, they are a central part of the country’s economy, too.

“While it is encouraging to see electricity network infrastructure being recognised as a key part of our energy transition, we will now have to wait until the summer to find out how the government intends to speed up the connection process and allow this industry to deliver for Britain.”