Net-Zero Energy Transition Awards 2024

22 August 2024 | Aberdeen

The Net-Zero Energy Transition Awards returns to Aberdeen on Thursday 22 August!

Ensuring the delivery of the new energy projects which will help us meet our carbon reduction and climate change targets is a momentous task – and one which requires a vast array of skills, experience, and engineering know-how. That’s where the supply chain comes in. From the outermost northern islands to the Borders, hundreds of companies across Scotland are grasping – and hoping to grasp – the economic and environmental benefits arising from the growing decarbonisation pipeline. They’re working hard to collaborate, upskill, innovate, expand and develop to offer optimum solutions to the industry. 

On Thursday 22 August 2024, Scotland’s renewable energy industry and its growing supply chain came together to celebrate the achievements of the diverse Scottish supplier network. 

More information about the event will be released shortly. 

Photography from last year can be viewed on Dropbox. Please credit Aberdeen Photo, if sharing.