Hydro Conference 2021 Programme


The future of hydropower

Hydro has been providing Scotland with clean energy for decades but a challenging policy environment in recent years has slowed new development. As we move towards an increasingly-decentralised energy system this session will examine the fresh opportunities that could lie ahead for the hydro sector in the years to come.

In this session you will learn:

  • The role hydropower at all scales can play in our future energy system
  • The unique benefits hydropower can deliver in rural areas
  • The practicalities of developing new small-scale hydro schemes

Chair and Welcome
Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Peter Diver, Head of Hydro Operations, SSE Renewables
Rob Nickerson, Electricity Market Modelling Manager, National Grid ESO
Sarah-Jane McArthur, Partner, Brodies LLP

Q & A 


Comfort break


Pump it up: unleashing pumped hydro’s potential 

As we go further to reaching our net-zero targets there is a need to complement intermittent renewables with increasing volumes of storage and flexible resources. As one of our oldest storage technologies pumped storage hydro has a key role to play, but with current energy policy unlikely to bring forward investment in new projects, what’s required to fully capitalise on its benefits?

In this session you will learn:

  • How policy and regulatory barriers are holding back new deployment
  • What an alternative market design could look like
  • The whole system and socioeconomic benefits pumped hydro can deliver for Scotland

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Matthew MacLeod, Coire Glas Lead Engineer, SSE Renewables

Richard Gow, Policy & Government Relations Manager, Drax
Simon Bailey, Senior Associate Director - Hydropower Global Technical Lead, Jacobs UK
Robert Hull, Managing Director, Riverswan Energy Advisory

Q & A


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