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Consultation Response: BEIS Industrial Strategy Green Paper


Our response highlights the key ways in which Scotland’s renewables sector can deliver many of the objectives set out in the Green Paper, and makes recommendations as to how the Government can help secure and grow those industrial benefits, including:

- Provide a robust assessment of our future energy needs and a plan to meet them.

- Ensure that the energy market is competitive and can deliver low-cost, clean energy supplies to replace retiring capacity and upgrade our infrastructure to meet future demand

- Ensure the lowest cost energy is delivered to businesses, factories and households by opening up markets for smart technology to develop the most efficient and cost-effective power network.

- Progress regulatory and market reform to encourage energy storage, including defining how storage should be treated.

- Invest in science, research and innovation in Scotland, and across the UK, so that new and emerging technologies continue to move down the cost curve and into commercial competitiveness.


Posted on 20/04/2017

170419_SR-IndustrialStrategy-response FINAL.pdf (104.1 KB, pdf)