Wind Power and Peatland: Enhancing Unique Habitats

25/11/20 | Multiple forums

A new document showing the benefits of wind farms to Scotland sensitive peatlands is launched today (Nov 26, 2020).

The easily-digested publication, titled Wind Power and Peatland: Enhancing Unique Habitats, looks at more than £2.5 million of work carried out by three renewable energy businesses at sites across the country.

Its publication, as part of UK Wind Week, looks at how wind farm developers are restoring peatland which has been damaged by forestry, over-grazing and drainage.

Peat plays an important role in the fight against climate change because healthy peatlands remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in the soil.

The document sets out the four types of peatland found in Scotland - blanket bogs, raised bogs, fens and bog woodland – as well as the plants and animals which live on them, including the rare Bog Sun Jumper Spider and carnivorous sundew.

It also includes 20 photographs, with detailed captions showing the role peat plays in the landscape and the various methods used to protect and restore it.

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