Scotland needs its first Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy now

29/08/22 | News release
Scot Parliament

Scotland must establish its first Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy to take advantage of the transition to net-zero, industry body Scottish Renewables has said.

The organisation, which represents more than 300 companies working in renewable energy, is calling on The Scottish Government to adopt five key priorities in its Programme for Government 2022/23, to be published next month (Sept).

Scottish Renewables wants a Low Carbon Industrial Strategy to maximise the opportunities available in Scotland’s renewables industry and deliver a just transition for clean energy suppliers and manufacturers.

The Scottish Government must also complete its reforms to the National Planning Framework 4 in order to deliver a planning system that is focused on tackling the climate emergency by deployment of renewable energy.

Scotland already has ambitions to deliver a total of 11GW of offshore wind. Onshore, the ambition is for 12GW of new onshore wind by 2030. Industry is also gearing up to deliver increased activity in the marine, solar, low-carbon heat and green hydrogen sectors.

In order to achieve this, Scottish Renewables recommends that The Scottish Government adopts the following five key priorities for 2022/23.

  1. Establish Scotland’s first ever Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy to drive forward renewables-led investment and a just transition for Scottish clean energy suppliers and manufacturers.
  2. Complete the National Planning Framework 4 reforms to achieve consistent and efficient decision making for a net-zero-driven planning system that can respond to climate change.
  3. Deliver a Rural Clean Heat Fund to ignite a transformation of renewable heating solutions for Scotland’s island and rural communities.
  4. Increase the role of Scottish ports in order to build a low-carbon economy through a Net-Zero Ports and Infrastructure Programme.
  5. Create an Onshore Wind Sector Deal with industry which will deliver the 12GW of additional onshore wind Scotland needs by 2030 to achieve net-zero.

Ben Walker, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns at Scottish Renewables, said:

“Scotland’s first Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy must be established in the next 12 months if we are to realise the vast opportunities of projects like ScotWind, as well as ensuring a just transition for Scottish clean energy suppliers.

“The renewables industry has five key priorities that should be at the forefront of Scotland’s upcoming Programme for Government. These recommendations will drive investment, bring continued growth for the renewables industry and ensure that Scottish communities can reap the immense economic, environmental and social benefits of our clean energy revolution.

“With ambitious targets to deliver 11GW of offshore and 12GW of new onshore wind by 2030 it is time for The Scottish Government to provide clear direction to the renewables industry as to how it will develop the manufacturing and supply chain base to support Scotland’s net-zero ambitions.”



More information on The Draft Fourth National Planning Framework is available here on the Scottish Government’s Transforming Planning website.