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SR Transport Conference 2020 Programme

Time Details
09:00 Registration & Networking 

Plenary 1

The revolution starts here: the future of transport
With the ongoing electrification of Scotland’s railways, Scottish Government pledging to phase out new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032 and Transport Scotland due to publish its updated National Transport Strategy, major changes are afoot in the transport sector. How much will these policies achieve in decarbonising transport, what other policy and regulatory frameworks will be required to meet this ambition and how do we ensure renewables are at its centre?

10:30 Networking Break

Plenary 2

Building and financing net-zero transport
Achieving a net-zero transport revolution will require new infrastructure and business models. This session will explore the exciting new developments in technology and finance that are emerging in the transport sector and discuss how these might evolve and what other new innovations will be needed.

12:30 Networking Lunch 

Plenary 3

Watt to do? - grid, technology and EVs
Electric trains and EVs are emerging as the front runners in the transport revolution, with hydrogen buses and electric/hydrogen ferries following as emerging technologies. As the switch to low and zero-carbon fuels accelerates this increase in electricity demand will pose a serious challenge to the grid as we know it. This session will explore how these new transport technologies might interact with networks, their role in providing grid services and the technological innovations which might facilitate this.

14:45 Networking Break

Plenary 4

Steering culture change
A net-zero transport system won’t be achieved through technology alone: we’ll also need to see changes to how people use transport and how we organise transport in our cities. This session will explore what behaviour changes might be needed, how they might come about, what low-carbon city centres might look like in the future and the lessons we can learn from other countries.

16:30 Event Close

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