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Conference Programme

Time Details
13:30 Registration, Networking & Exhibition

Plenary 1

Climate Response: The Time is Now
Climate change, as well as its current and future effects, has never been more central within public debate. Everyone wants to help, but which actions would see us really shift the dial? And how do we use the clear advantages we have in Scotland – abundant natural resources, a government fully signed-up to act and a strong track record in innovation – to lead the world in our response to climate change?

Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

Chris Stark, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change 
Lang Banks, Director, WWF Scotland 

Q & A


Networking, Exhibition & Refreshments


Plenary 2

All Change: Energy in the New Political Era
One of the key policy constraints of recent years has been the lack of political bandwidth available to address issues beyond Brexit. With a new set of politicians and minsters in place in Westminster it is imperative to establish the importance of our industry in the minds of political leaders and to make sure that we make the most of any opportunities which might be available to us.

This panel will consider the post-EU landscape, try to make sense of the direction of travel for energy policy at a UK level and identify the areas where we can gain some much-needed wins after an incredibly difficult spell for our industry.

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications & Strategy, Scottish Renewables

Lord Ian Duncan, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Climate Change, UK Government
Phil Henderson, Head of Government Affairs, ScottishPower

Q & A


Networking, Exhibition & Refreshments


Plenary 3

2045: Getting to where we need to be
To date, the decarbonisation of electricity has been focussed almost exclusively at a system level. With the next two major decarbonisation challenges - transport and heat - sitting much closer to the consumer, our industry must understand more about how to effect changes at that level.

Technology is also constantly altering the shape of both supply and demand, with demand response, time-shifting and more storage options entering the market. How can we make sure that the system keeps up with the changing demands being placed on it by smart consumers and smart devices? Will we be able to bring the investment markets along with us to enable the growth at the rate we need it? 

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy
James Johnston, CEO & Co-Founder, Piclo
Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems  
Dr Jan Webb, Professor of Sociology of Organisations, University of Edinburgh

Q & A


Networking Dinner

All delegates are invited to attend a networking drinks reception and dinner at the end of Day 1. Wine, beer, soft drinks and a hot networking buffet will be served. Further details can be found here

Time Details
09:00 Registration, Networking & Exhibition

Plenary 4

Financing Renewables: The Green Investment Case
More than $30 trillion was invested in sustainable and green technologies in 2018. As technologies mature and industry begins to move closer to a subsidy free model, what is government’s role in the energy development process? What is the role of regulation in driving investment?

Do the financial markets see government interventions as useful or increasingly unstable? Given the investment and corporate governance world is shifting towards impact and clean investment, how do we make sure that all our technologies and deployment scales can benefit?  How do we accelerate the pace of investment in somewhere like Scotland to meet the earlier net zero target – what tools do we have at our disposal in terms of economic development and institutions which will make the difference?

Terry A’Hearn, Chief Executive, SEPA 

Q & A

10:45 Networking, Exhibition & Refreshments

Plenary 5

Systems Transformation: Accelerating the Rate of Change
Energy infrastructure has been the subject of fundamental change in recent years, with a political focus on baseload sometimes warping perceptions among consumers. Industry must now consider new energy vectors, such as hydrogen and storage, and how we can manage today’s infrastructure by utilising the characteristics and availability of multiple energy sources as renewables become the UK’s dominant source of power. Rising demand in other areas such as heavy industry – under pressure to decarbonise – and the EV market are opening up new, dynamic options.

How can we plan and manage our grid resource to meet the demands of the UK market? And how do we understand and keep pace with the changes that are happening around us and make sure that we use all the new options and tools available to us to optimise our energy networks?

Claire Spedding, Head of UK Strategy, National Grid
Barry Carruthers, Head of Innovation & Sustainability, ScottishPower

Neil Kermode, Managing Director, European Marine Energy Centre
Karl Smyth, Head of Policy, Drax

Q & A

12:45 Networking, Exhibition & Lunch

Plenary 6

Renewables Changing the World 

Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

Tim Marshall, Journalist, Author and Broadcaster 

Q & A

14:45 Networking, Exhibition & Refreshments

Plenary 7

Planning for Net Zero: A Step Change to tackle Climate Change
While the Planning (Scotland) Bill has now made its way through Parliament, it is essential that the regional and local parts of the system governed by the National Planning Framework are open to support our national journey to net zero emissions.

Planning is a key contingency of every project. With the rate of growth required to meet the recommendations of the Committee for Climate Change report we must ensure there is a wider and deeper understanding of the role of local authorities and communities in helping to support not just our low-carbon ambitions but our local economic ones too.

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

David Bell, Managing Director, David Bell Planning 
Alasdair Sutherland, Partner, Burness Paull 
David Hawkey, Heat Planning & Delivery, Scottish Government

Q & A

16:30 Event close