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09:00 Registration, Networking & Refreshments

Enabling low-carbon cities: transforming concept into reality for Scotland

This opening session will set out a low-carbon vision for Scotland’s cities  and ask what key steps must be taken to ensure our urban areas develop with renewable and low-carbon energy at their heart.

10:45 Networking & Refreshments

Energy in buildings

Around 60% of today's buildings will still exist in 2050.  But while cities are largely restricted by the built environments they already have, the demands of those using them will continue to evolve. This session will look at the ways in which the offices, factories, homes and public buildings in which we live and work can become more efficient and accommodate new energy sources, as well as the data and waste systems required by a low-carbon future.

Andrew Maybury, Development Officer, Community Energy Scotland – Tower Power 
Dave Pearson, Director, Star Renewable Energy

12:30 Networking Lunch

Low-carbon transport: are we nearly there yet? 

Can electric vehicles adapt quickly enough to capture market share across domestic, freight and public transport, or are we facing a nuanced future of EVs, hydrogen, biofuels and more? In this session speakers will discuss what needs to change if transport – currently the source of much of our carbon emissions – is to keep pace with the rapid low-carbon shifts we’re already seeing in the supply and consumption of our electricity. 

Dickon Posnett, Director of Corporate Affairs, Argent Energy

14:45 Networking & Refreshments

Urban innovation

The adage ‘we can’t change what we can’t measure’ has never been more true. Access to big data is already allowing startling efficiencies in systems and networks, and much more is possible. But how is this data being captured, and what are the innovations which will allow us to use it more efficiently in future? In just one session we’ll seek to answer some fundamental questions about this fast-moving area – and probably find others along the way.

16:30 Event Close


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