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About the Event

Delivering Low-Carbon Cities for Scotland

With the equivalent of 57% of our electricity needs being met by renewable sources and heat making progress on a stretching 2020 target, there can be little doubt that renewable energy is now firmly at the heart of Scotland’s energy sector.

Our determination to transition to a low-carbon economy has already seen vast and innovative changes made across the country.

Harnessing our formidable natural resources has allowed Scotland to lead the way on low-carbon power generation, but in order to ensure we continue to evolve we must focus on how our built environment and related infrastructure can become even cleaner, more sustainable and cost-effective for citizens and businesses alike.

Scottish Renewables’ second Low-Carbon Cities Conference will explore the technologies and innovations which are being used to modernise our cities, examine the lessons which have been learned to date from these initiatives and look at future opportunities for keeping costs and carbon emissions low. 

As we think ahead to the ambitious target contained in the Scottish Government’s draft Energy Strategy – that half of our energy needs should come from renewable sources by 2030 – we will seek to ensure our cities are able to capture all the benefits offered by this transition.

This is your chance to hear from senior figures in government, industry and academia and to set out your views as we seek to shape the future of Scotland’s low-carbon cities.

Key Issues Covered

  • Enabling low-carbon cities: transforming concept into reality for Scotland
  • Energy in buildings: green heat and power
  • Low-carbon transport: are we nearly there yet?
  • Urban innovation: creating the cities of tomorrow

Who Should Attend 

Industry and supply chain, local and national government, academia, public bodies, finance, advisory, legal, consultancy – anyone with an interest in the development of renewable energy and low-carbon cities in Scotland.


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