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Conference Programme

Time Details
09:00 Registration, Networking & Exhibition

Plenary 1

Hydro's Place in Net-Zero
Hydro has a unique role to play in the decarbonisation of our energy system but with a lack of recognition of hydropower within the Committee on Climate Change's reports, how do we are assert hydro's place in net-zero? This session will bring together key players to discuss what policy and regulatory frameworks are needed to ensure hydropower can reap the benefits of our move to a net-zero energy system.

10:45 Networking Break & Exhibition

Plenary 2

Hydropower and Rural Communities
The benefits that hydro brings to local areas goes beyond clean energy, particularly in rural communities. In this session we will explore the unique impact of our rural hydro schemes can have as our grid becomes increasingly decentralised, and potential opportunities this can create for the industry.

12:45 Networking Lunch & Exhibition

Plenary 3

Innovations in Technology and Co-location
With more and more innovations in technology coming forward as our energy system evolves, how can the hydro sector ensure it capitalises on these new opportunities?

Join this session to hear from industry experts on emerging technology, the benefits of co-location and the potential role of hydropower in electric vehicle charging and hydrogen production. 
14:45 Networking Break & Exhibition

Plenary 4

Exploring New Revenue Opportunities
The last 12 months have been a challenging time for the sector following the closure of the Feed-in Tariff. What are the biggest financial challenges facing the industry? What alternative sources of finance are viable for hydro? 
This session will discuss these questions and more as we explore revenue opportunities in a new financial landscape.

16:30 Event Close