Hydrogen’s Place in the Energy System Seminar About the Event

Hydrogen’s Place in the Energy System Seminar 

The development of hydrogen as a mainstream fuel will be crucial to the Scottish and global net-zero journey – a new market which presents economic opportunity across the board.

But how can industry capitalise on this emerging sector and the need for clean, low-carbon fuel for new and innovative technologies? With an ever-increasing push to decarbonise public transport and vehicles fleets, what are the real golden opportunities for businesses in the renewable energy industry?

Scottish Renewables’ Hydrogen Seminar will examine all these issues and more.

You’ll learn:

  • How The Scottish Government is planning to catalyse a Scottish hydrogen economy
  • What experts are saying about the size and scope of the emerging market
  • The new technologies that will create demand for hydrogen
  • Where the best opportunities are likely to be located

The Seminar is fully virtual for 2020, but we’re committed to delivering the same rich experience that delegates have come to expect. Delegates will be able to participate in live Q&A sessions.

Who should attend?
Anyone with an interest in what the future role of hydrogen look like should attend this event – from renewable technology developers to those in professional services.

Why attend?
This is a must-attend event for those keen to deepen their understanding of hydrogen’s potential role in our energy system and the opportunities it presents.

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