Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2018 About the Event

Getting to 20%: delivering Scotland's green heat ambitions

Renewable energy is now undoubtedly part of the mainstream in Scotland’s energy sector. Heat, accounting for half of our energy demand, is still taking its first steps towards a cleaner future, but will increasingly become the next frontier for emissions reduction and new industrial opportunities.

In late 2017 the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy and the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy set out bold visions for decarbonising and renewing the UK’s heat infrastructure. Both emphasise the near-term priorities of district heating and off-gas grid areas, whilst for the first time recognising that the future could be hydrogen as much as it could be electric.

Scotland has arguably taken the lead in the UK with an ambitious vision for heat and proposals for local heat planning and regulation to boost the growth of district heating. This lead reflects our unique mix of urban and rural areas, abundant renewable resources and heritage of industrial and, more recently, energy innovation.

Scottish Renewables’ Low-Carbon Heat Conference will take stock of recent policy changes, look ahead to key decisions such as a successor scheme for the RHI, and explore solutions to the variety of barriers facing projects on the ground. We’ll examine current innovations being developed in Scotland and look ahead to future opportunities for more.

This is your chance to hear from senior figures in government, industry and academia and to set out your views as we seek to shape and accelerate the future of low-carbon heat in Scotland.

Key issues covered:

  • What are the key next steps following the Scottish Energy Strategy and UK Clean Growth Strategy?
  • How should consumers be incentivised beyond 2021?
  • What are the other challenges facing low-carbon heat projects and how can they be addressed?
  • Will the Scottish Government’s regulatory plans for district heat increase uptake and lower costs?
  • What opportunities for innovation in heat arise from the UK Government Industrial Strategy and from the next network price control period?

Who should attend?

Industry and supply chain, local and national government, academia, public bodies, finance, advisory, legal, consultancy – anyone with an interest in the development of the low-carbon heat sector in Scotland.

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