Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2020 Programme


Piping hot: the future of heat networks in Scotland

The Heat Networks Bill has the potential to bring transformational change for the sector. But what will this legislation mean for the future of heat networks?

For a sector that has struggled to get out of the blocks for years, this fundamental change could be the starting pistol in the race to decarbonise heat.

In this session you'll learn:

  • What changes the Bill will bring - and whether they will be enough
  • Heat networks’ place in the green economic recovery
  • How the sector should prepare as we look to scale-up our work

Welcome and Chair
Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Ministerial Address 
Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands, Scottish Government

James Hemphill, Head of Heat Regulation, Scottish Government 
Sarah-Jane McArthur, Partner, Brodies LLP 
Carol Aitken, Public & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Vattenfall

Q & A


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Realising the potential of efficient, electric heat

The promise of ultra-low-carbon heat from heat pumps is now a reality thanks to our rapidly-decarbonising electricity supply and advances in heat pump technology. But how do we mainstream their use in Scotland?

The Scottish Government requirement that all new homes use low-carbon heat from 2024 should help bolster the market, but that can’t be the limit of our electric ambitions. Heat pumps can deliver benefits in urban areas, and are already being used to balance our increasingly renewables-driven electricity supply.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How regulations making low-carbon heat mandatory for new-builds from 2024 can drive volume in the market
  • The market potential offered by existing off-gas-grid homes
  • How the sector could take advantage of these opportunities

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Matthew Black, Business Development Manager, Kensa 
Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems 
Danny Ball, Business Development Manager, Engie

Q & A


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