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Plenary 1: Building an industry

Scotland’s new climate targets imply a step-change in the speed at which we’re cutting emissions from heat. Doing so will require significant public investment and market intervention across the different heat markets.

Meanwhile, singificant uncertainty surrounds the future of key policies like the RHI and the role of hydrogen for heating.

How can Scotland take a lead using the powers at its disposal, and how do we manage and address the uncertainties which prevent investment?

Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

Mike Thornton OBE, Chief Executive, Energy Saving Trust
Mike Reynolds, Managing Director, Vattenfall
Paul Kerr, Managing Director, Scottish Water Horizons
Dr Jonathan Marshall, Head of Analysis, Energy & Climate Change Intelligence Unit

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Plenary 2: Piping hot: the future of heat networks in Scotland

The Scottish Government will introduce a Heat Networks Bill to the Scottish Parliament this year, potentially initiating transformational change for the sector through the introduction of licensing and measures to de-risk investment. 

What changes will the Bill bring? Will it be enough? And how should the sector prepare as we look to scale up and help address the climate emergency?

James Hemphill, Head of Heat Regulation, Scottish Government
John Mackintosh, Customer Solutions Manager, ESB


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Plenary 3: Sharing knowledge and building confidence

If the shift to low-carbon heat is to accelerate, winning over the hearts and minds of the public will be key.

Moving away from business as usual can be compex and risky, especially when dealing with our existing buildings, but a host of innovative projects have blazed a trail in Scotland in recent years. How can we learn the crucial lessons these frontrunners have to teach?

Sharing best practice will help build quality across the industry as we look to increase our ambitions; join us to hear from recent projects and to share your own insights.  

Ross Tulloch, Programme Manager, Glenrothes Energy Network
Andy Yuill, Senior Renewable Heat Manager, Natural Power

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Plenary 4: Focus on efficient, electric heat

The promise of ultra-low-carbon heat from heat pumps is now a reality thanks to our rapidly-decarbonising electricity supply.

The Scottish Government requirement that all new homes use low-carbon heat from 2024 should help bolster the market, but should that be the limit of our electric ambitions? Heat pumps can deliver benefits in urban areas, and could even be used to balance our increasingly renewables-driven electricity supply.

Join us to hear about new innovations and what policies might be needed to support them.

Clare Lavelle, Associate Director, Arup

Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems
Matthew Black, Business Development Manager, Kensa

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