Marine Conference, Exhibition & Dinner 2019 Programme

Day 1

Registration & Networking Lunch & Exhibition


Plenary 1 - Marine Energy: The Value Case

As development of our wave and tidal sectors has progressed, we are better understanding the value the sector delivers across Scotland, the UK and beyond. 
 But with decarbonisation creating fundamental change across our energy system, disruptive technologies driving a new industrial revolution and international markets changing at speed, what is the USP of the marine energy sector, and what does the sector need to do to best articulate that? 
 This session takes stock of how far we’ve come and brings together experts to share their views on how our wave and tidal industries can best serve our emerging new economy.  Welcome & Chair
Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

Sponsor Welcome
Audrey MacIver, Director of Energy and Low Carbon, Highlands and Islands Enterprise Speakers
Anna Kynaston, Head of Future Low Carbon, Scottish Government
Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables
 Q & A


Networking, Exhibition & Refreshments


Parallel 2A - Technology Showcase

Now almost 4 years in existence, the WES programme has just released its fifth call for innovative quick connection systems to complement its other technology programmes. This session will feature the two companies leading the wave device development for WES and outline the Call objectives. 

David Langston, Programme Manager, Wave Energy Scotland

Tim Hurst, Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland 

Simon Grey, Director, AWS Ocean Energy
Cameron McNatt, Director, Mocean Energy
Jonathan Hodges, Senior Innovation Engineer, Wave Energy Scotland

Q & A


Networking, Exhibition & Refreshments


Plenary 3 - Delivering the right environment for growth

With market uncertainty continuing across the sector, can Scotland retain its global lead?  
 With an energy white paper approaching, what’s the role for the UK Government in bringing forward marine energy projects – and where can the Scottish Government best lend its support to the sector? What lessons can we learn from other technologies and processes, such as the Offshore Wind Sector Deal? Chair
Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables    Speakers
Sian Wilson, Senior Development Manager, Crown Estate Scotland
Rhys Wyn Jones, Head of Wales, RenewableUK
 Q & A


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Scottish Renewables Marine Conference Dinner 2019

Location: Ness Walk Hotel

Day 2

University of the Highlands and Islands Breakfast Event


Registration, Networking & Exhibition


Parallel 4A - The road to commercialisation: business models and project finance beyond electricity generation

What role will tidal and wave technologies play in our new energy system? Will the emergence of hydrogen drive future use cases, and can local energy systems support development? 
 Expert speakers will set out recent financing case studies, from crowd-funding and institutional investment to emerging business models, providing delegates with an opportunity to understand varied project finance structures. 

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables    

Andrew Smith, Managing Director, Greenbackers Investment Capital
Mike Wilson, Chairman, Ecosse IP 
Kim Hamilton, Hydrogen Development Officer, European Marine Energy Centre
Reenst Lesemann, CEO, C-Power
 Q & A


Parallel 4B - Innovation and private finance, lessons from the US

The story of how Arundo Analytics was established; How they raised private finance by leveraging in large-scale industrial partners to work with a small-scale technology developers, the role of MIT in the story and what we can learn from the differences between the US and UK approaches to innovation.

Welcome and Chair
David Oxley, Director of Business Growth, Highlands and Islands Enterprise 

Tor Jakob, Founder and CEO, Arundo Analytics

Q & A


Networking, Refreshments & Exhibition


Plenary 5 - Leaders’ Debate

Where do we go from here? 
 With changes across government policy, industry developing fast, innovation afoot and finance flows changing, there’s a great deal of opportunity for our marine energy sector. But with barriers to be overcome, where should our collective focus be in the year ahead? 

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications, Scottish Renewables 

Tim Hurst, Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland
Gavin McPherson, Head of Policy and Research, Nova Innovation

Chris Milne, Chief Financial Officer, Orbital Marine Power
Timothy Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer, SIMEC Atlantis
Sue Barr, Chair, Marine Energy Council   Q & A


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