Wind Energy Week 2024

24-28 June 2024 | UK-wide

There has never been a more important time for the wind energy industry in Scotland to celebrate its world-leading success and emphasise what is needed to maintain progress in the crucial years ahead,

Ambitious climate and deployment targets mean Scotland's wind energy industry is at a critical juncture. The magnitude of the transformation afoot requires supportive policy-making which enables deployment.

Wind Energy Week 2024, taking place from June 24 – 28, is an opportunity to make the case for this critical juncture to be the beginning of unprecedented growth for the industry, bringing a myriad of social, economic and environmental benefits for local communities.

This Wind Energy Week we will be using our voice to amplify the wind energy industry's achievements to date, bring focus to what is needed to accelerate deployment at scale as well as highlight the positive impact our industry has for delivering energy security, more affordable energy and high-value jobs.