Net-Zero Energy Conference & Dinner 2023 Programme

Day 1

Net-Zero Energy Conference Dinner, sponsored by Crown Estate Scotland

Delegates of Scottish Renewables’ Net-Zero Energy Conference are invited to attend a networking dinner on Tuesday 21 March, the evening prior to the conference. Guests will be treated to an evening of dining and relaxed networking with renewable energy professionals.

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Day 2

Registration, Exhibition & Networking


Playing the long game – a cleaner, cheaper, more resilient UK energy system

Pillar sponsored by EDF Renewables

Turbulent doesn’t even begin to describe the renewable energy policy journey to date. But even in an industry used to turbulence, the past 12 months have been truly astounding, and the energy sector has changed in ways beyond any expert’s ability to predict.

From the dramatic highs of seeing onshore wind re-join the CfD to the nadir of seeing new forms of fossil extraction back on the table, renewable energy businesses have had to navigate through some of the most challenging of times as we maintain our commitment to a longer-term vision for a renewable-powered energy system that is better for people, the planet and the purse strings of the country.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Our new relationship with UK Government and energy policy
  • Expert views on how the future policy environment will shape up
  • Key insights into how we as an industry can support government agendas – and reap the rewards of doing so

Welcome and Chair
Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables  

Ministerial Address
Richard Lochhead MSP, Minister for Just Transition, Employment and Fair Work 

Ryanne Burges, Ireland and Offshore Director, EDF Renewables
Ragne Low, Deputy Director Onshore Electricity Policy, Strategic Coordination and Energy Consents, Directorate for Energy and Climate Change, The Scottish Government
oss Laird, Head of Scotland, Grayling
Sarah Merrick, CEO and Founder, Ripple Energy

Q & A


Exhibition & Networking


Tackling grid integration of clean energy assets

Pillar sponsored by Cornwall Insight

As we electrify heat and transport to achieve net-zero even greater volumes of renewable energy will be needed. But the electricity market was designed for a fossil-fuels-based system and now needs an overhaul if we are to integrate greater volumes of renewables plus the supporting storage and flexibility assets a net-zero grid will require.

With grid access presenting a major barrier to generators and the lack of market mechanisms undermining investment in storage and flexibility, questions are being asked about how to ensure that grid investment is made in time to integrate clean energy assets.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The experts’ views on the impact a Future Systems Operator will have on the clean energy sector
  • The experts’ views on the Review of the Electricity Markets Arrangements (REMA) and its impact on low-carbon generation, flexibility and storage businesses
  • How the system for expanding grid infrastructure, network upgrades and managing grid connections are expected to change, and their impact on your business.

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Kate Mulvany, Senior Consultant, Cornwall Insight
Simon Gill, Energy Consultant, The Energy Landscape

David Boyland, Senior Commercial Policy Manager, SSEN Transmission
Lynne Bryceland, Head of Transmission Regulation and Policy, SP Energy Networks

Q & A


Exhibition & Networking Lunch


Sustainable success – creating a marketplace that can deliver

It’s beyond doubt that changes to the current electricity marketplace are necessary. Recently we’ve seen CfD prices that undermine supply chain growth and mooted regulatory changes that heap challenge upon challenge. Some of the issues are deep-rooted, such as the tension between lowest cost and domestic economic growth. Others come as a result of growing pains, like increased balancing costs and constraint issues.

We are operating in an energy market and policy environment fraught with volatility. It’s time to start injecting some good sense into the discussion about how the options for route to market can support industry delivery, new generation and government ambitions.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The realistic price points which can support the delivery of more than just clean energy
  • The further actions required to build an electricity system that delivers low-cost power, security of supply, net-zero, and economic stability
  • What Government and regulators need to understand about re-shaping the market to ensure investment attractiveness and value is retained

Morag Watson, Director of Policy, Scottish Renewables

Niall Stuart, Director, Hutcheson Associates
Suzanne Clifton, Principal Business Development Manager, EDF Renewables

James Brabben, Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs, RWE Renewables
Mark Timmons, Director of Bids UK & Ireland, SSE Renewables

Q & A


Exhibition & Networking


Who, what, where and when – the pipeline, projects, people and supply chain

Pillar sponsored by Ørsted

Every part of our industry is facing a supply chain crunch. Without parts and people, nothing gets built.

So how do we make sure the right equipment and the right skills are in the right place to deliver our ambitions? To maximise our positive impact, we need a blend of people, skills and supply chain capacity, all of which need to be available at the right time and in the right place. We’ll also need investment at key points in the process from both public and private sources. To be effective, we need to be clear about what we need and when.

In this session you’ll get an understanding of:

  • What the project pipeline looks like over the next decade and the implications for supply chain businesses
  • Where the skills gaps are likely to be and the key steps needed to ensure industry can access a skilled workforce
  • The key actions needed to ensure the supply chain and workforce are in place for Scotland to realise its full economic, social and environmental renewable energy potential

Adam Morrison, Country Manager UK, Ocean Winds

Chelsea Nickles, Head of Market Development for UK and Ireland, Ørsted 
Rebecca McGraw, Communications & Engagement Manager, Story Contracting
Sophie Hartfield Lewis, Head of Project Development Support and Consenting, bp

Q & A 


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