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Nominations are now open for The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2022. The categories and criteria can be seen below. It's free to nominate and you can submit as many nominations as you wish.

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Nominations close at 5pm Wednesday 12 October – good luck!


Sponsored by ScottishPower Renewables

This award celebrates the outstanding development of a renewable energy project – electricity or heat – which has been led by a community group or community organisation.


  • Project must have been completed within the last 24 months
  • Demonstrate contribution to renewable energy sector in Scotland
  • Detail how the project has benefitted the local community
  • How did the project overcome barriers and what was the outcome?
  • Please detail key information/statistics, e.g. energy produced, capacity installed, jobs created, financial income to community, carbon saved.


Sponsored by SmartestEnergy

This award recognises exemplary community, public or other stakeholder engagement before, during or after the development of a renewable energy project. Judges are looking for ideas and implementation which go above and beyond, communicating the benefits of renewable energy and raising the reputation of the sector.


  • Project must have been completed, or be under construction, within the last 24 months
  • Demonstrate contribution to renewable energy sector in Scotland
  • Detail how the project has benefitted a community, the public or other stakeholders
  • How did the developer engage and overcome barriers and what was the outcome?


Sponsored by Red Rock Power Limited

The Best Innovation Award category is always one of the most hotly-contested of The Scottish Green Energy Awards, shining a light on the benefits that innovation brings to our industry. This award recognises an outstanding example of the development or implementation of an innovative product, design, solution or model which supports the development of renewable energy in Scotland, for example by enhancing value or reducing cost.


  • Project must have been completed within past 24 months
  • Highlight evidence of why this new product, design or process benefits the Scottish renewable energy sector
  • Why is it unique – how does it improve upon previous practice?


Sponsored by Statkraft

Previous winners of this award have used renewables to cut their carbon footprint while delivering wider benefits within organisations, across communities and further afield. This year’s Carbon Reduction Award will go to a non-energy business, charity or public body which is able to demonstrate its commitment to cutting CO2 through the outstanding deployment of green energy technology.


  • Project must have been completed in last 24 months
  • Reflect how contributing to Scottish renewable energy sector
  • Provide evidence of benefits, e.g. efficiency, cost reduction, carbon savings or making in-roads within the challenging heat and transport sectors
  • List key project partners/suppliers who were involved in delivery of the project


Sponsored by Fred. Olsen Renewables

Our industry champions are truly unique and have always played an important role in creating the buzz renewables are renowned for. In a champion we are looking for an individual, team, organisation or campaign which has really shown how much the industry has to offer and helped us to tell our story in a new and different way.


  • Please provide evidence of contribution to renewables in Scotland within past 24 months 


Sponsored by SSE Renewables

With almost 13,000 students studying renewable energy-related courses in Scotland at the last count, the future is bright for our industry. This award celebrates outstanding contributions made by individuals, groups or organisations to promote and uphold the highest quality standards in education, training and skills development for today's or tomorrow's workforce.


  • Initiative implemented or impact delivered within last 24 months
  • Please provide evidence to show impact on employment in Scotland’s renewable energy sector 


Sponsored by Highlands and Islands Enterprise

People are key to shaping and growing our industry, so recognising when an individual has made a clear contribution to success is hugely important. 
Previous winners of this award have demonstrated truly outstanding achievements and, through their enthusiasm, commitment and actions, have helped to grow and champion Scotland’s renewable energy sector.


  • Highlight how this individual has contributed to the success of the renewable energy sector in Scotland
  • Please explain key achievements, activities, enthusiasm and outcomes this individual has demonstrated over their life/career 


Sponsored by RWE Renewables

Reducing carbon is our key reason for being, but renewables offers so much more to people, communities and the low-carbon energy system of the future. We’re helping to solve the next big challenges of our time. If your project has helped us take big steps forward and is an exemplar that showcases Scotland’s leadership role in renewable energy then it may well be the next winner of the Outstanding Project Award at SGEA. 


  • Project must have been completed within the last 24 months
  • Demonstrate contribution to renewable energy sector in Scotland
  • Ideally detail key information/statistics, e.g. energy produced, capacity installed, jobs created or explain its contribution to making progress on key areas such as heat and transport.


Sponsored by Green Investment Group

As Scotland’s renewable energy capacity has grown, so too has the knowledge contained in companies which support its development. Projects are nothing without talented, committed development partners, and this award seeks to celebrate outstanding service of any kind within the renewables supply chain. Entry is open to professional services firms, technical experts, hardware suppliers or engineers, to name just a few, who provide services which achieve outstanding results.


  • Please supply evidence from the last 24 months, e.g. case study example
  • Reflect how your service has contributed to or impacted on the Scottish renewable energy sector.


Sponsored by Natural Power

The renewable energy industry is all about building better, and this category looks for examples of best practice with a particular focus on health, safety and environmental performance, staff development and business efficiency. Entries should highlight the positive impact changes have made to their organisation, be that making the working lives of our people safer and more sustainable, helping them grow their careers or streamlining the processes which make this an industry of which we can all be proud.


  • Project or initiative must have been completed within the last 24 months and been directly carried out within a business operating within the renewable energy sector in Scotland.
  • Provide an overview of the project detailing why this practice was required, who benefited from its introduction and any long term impacts it has brought to the company in terms of behavioural or cultural change.   


Sponsored by Hitachi Energy

Renewables now provide the backbone of Scotland's energy system, so it's only right that industry should be held to the highest sustainability standards. The Sustainable Development Award will be given to a renewable energy project or initiative which can demonstrate outstanding credentials in this area, delivering significantly above and beyond good practice to make long-term enhancements to the environment, society and/or economy.


  • Work must have been completed within the last 24 months
  • Demonstrate how the project, organisation, group or initiative has contributed to sustainable development, e.g. environmental impact mitigation (e.g. habitat management), building a sustainable economy, local employment, resource efficiency, carbon reduction, contribution to local health and wellbeing (e.g. recreation/leisure provision)
  • Show how the Scottish renewable energy sector has benefitted. 


Sponsored by WSP

All 2022 Young Professionals Green Energy Award winners will automatically be nominated for this award. It is therefore not possible to enter this category. 


Sponsored by Ocean Winds

An individual, organisation or project that the judges felt deserved special commendation. This category is non-enterable and the winner will be announced on the night. 

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