Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2022

9 June 2022 | Glasgow

The heat is on: transitioning to low-carbon heat is the challenge of this decade

*Note: this event has been rescheduled. We are hoping to arrange a new date for later this year and will be in touch as soon as possible with further information.*

It’s all go in low-carbon heat – but are we going fast enough?

The Scottish Government’s long-awaited Heat in Buildings Strategy builds on previous work to set the tone for the shift away from gas, but will it be enough? New policies, like the creation of a National Public Energy Agency, can also drive the transformational change needed to decarbonise our buildings. But with regulations from the Heat Networks (Scotland) Act yet to materialise, there’s a growing sense of urgency in the sector.

With large decisions still to be made on whether the focus will be on heat pumps, heat networks, electric heating, hydrogen or energy efficiency, the question on everyone’s mind is WHO PAYS?

Scottish Renewables’ Low-Carbon Heat Conference will examine all these issues and more. 

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