Planning Conference

23 February 2022 | Glasgow

Scotland has some of the most ambitious net-zero commitments in the world, but to deliver them will require a world-beating planning framework. Planning is the number one barrier members tell us that their projects face. 

By 2030 Scotland will need at least an additional 12GW of onshore wind, 10GW offshore wind, 4GW more solar PV and to be building out new pumped storage hydro projects. On top of that we’ll need to have decarbonised heat in half of Scotland’s homes and buildings while electrifying our transport systems. Gaining planning consent will be pivotal to achieving all of this and for building the supporting infrastructure this energy transition will need.

The NPF4 promised to transform planning to enable the achievement of net-zero but we are yet to see significant political progress on these reforms. In the meantime, industry continues to take on the task of trying to achieve the levels of deployment net-zero demands while planning continues to be a major obstacle.

With demanding targets to be reached and 2030 less than eight years away, Scottish Renewables’ Planning Conference 2022 will examine all these issues and more.

View the official online event programme. 

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