Beyond Feasibility: Capturing the Energy Transition’s Hydrogen Opportunity Seminar Programme


Cromarty Firth and beyond: stepping stones to a new energy system

The North of Scotland Hydrogen Programme brings together producers and users of the world’s most promising gas to develop a state-of-the-art hub where hydrogen will be produced, stored and distributed to the region, Scotland, other parts of the UK and Europe.

So what’s the story behind the headlines? How does this project fit with the wider transition away from oil and gas – and how can your business get involved in this and other projects looking to take hydrogen beyond feasibility?

Opportunity exists for supply chain SMEs in both oil and gas and renewables as we start to learn how long-term hydrogen deployment at scale really works.

In this session you will learn:

  • The business case behind the headlines: how the North of Scotland Hydrogen Programme developed, who the main players are, and how your business can get involved.
  • What the offtakers think. With distilleries and ports touted as customers, we’ll find out who else is in the frame, and what they’re looking for from potential partners.
  • The next steps for hydrogen as a solution to grid constraints, transmission charging and the variability of Scotland’s renewable energy resource.

Welcome & Chair
Claire Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

Joanne Allday, Strategic Business Development Manager, Port of Cromarty Firth 

Peter Nelson, Operations Director, Glenmorangie
Susi Wiseman, Energy Integrator and Hydrogen Technical Manager, Pale Blue Dot
Barry Carruthers, Hydrogen Director, Scottish Power
Malcolm Arthur, Net Zero Policy Manager, National Grid

Q & A


Comfort break


Hydrogen in the real world

As we narrow down on hydrogen’s real-world uses, the studies and reports will make way for the kind of learned experience oil and gas already brings to high-pressure systems, gas transmission and safety.

In this practical session we’ll speak to the businesses which are already using the renewable energy industry’s most promising new product to power transport, heat and more.

Get involved as we explore the O&M opportunities which will provide consistent revenue in the hydrogen-fuelled green energy future.

In this session you will learn:

  • What oil and gas can bring to the hydrogen economy – and where the crucial differences lie.
  • How to handle hydrogen: the safety standards which are being developed, the common pitfalls of day-to-day interactions with the gas, and what consumers really think.
  • Whether the O&M opportunity is worth pursuing, and the types of skills needed to capitalise on a decades-long demand cycle.

Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications and Strategy, Scottish Renewables

Dr Richard Kemp-Harper, Strategy Director, Arcola Energy
Judith Balfour, Programme Manager, First Group
Ed Macfarlane, Principal Consultant, Abbot Risk Consulting
Matt Bird, CEO & Co-Founder, Supercritical

Q & A

Closing Remarks
Nick Sharpe, Director of Communications and Strategy, Scottish Renewables


Event close

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