Beyond Feasibility: Capturing the Energy Transition’s Hydrogen Opportunity Seminar About the Event

Pushing the hydrogen story forward

This seminar will look at the prospects presented by the drive for green H2 – where the opportunities lie, and what challenges still need to be overcome – and then focus in on real-world examples of how hydrogen is produced, managed and used safely in commercial settings.

Why attend?

Businesses which want to play a part in Scotland’s hydrogen future need to start now. This seminar will equip your organisation with the knowledge and language which it needs to start or continue its interest in green hydrogen production, transport and use.

Key questions the event will answer

  • How will the enormous opportunity presented by hydrogen really lead to a bottom-line boost for new and existing supply chain companies?
  • What actions do supply chain firms need to take in 2021 to secure their place at the hydrogen table?
  • What key component contracts could be up for grabs in a UK hydrogen economy?
  • How are today’s hydrogen projects playing out – and what’s the long-term O&M outlook for this totally new technology?

Who should attend?

Renewable electricity producers; supply chain companies working in renewables, oil and gas or both; consultancies and legal firms servicing clients working in hydrogen, or pitching for opportunities to do so; local authorities with an interest in tapping the economic opportunity of hydrogen and anyone interested in actual examples of the energy transition in action.

Sponsors & Supporters

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