Annual Conference 2021 About the Event

In the year of COP26, as the global community steps-up to the challenge of climate change, the world is coming to Scotland.

The scale of the global challenge is immense but Scotland has the technologies, the resources and the skills to meet it – and help others as they seek to follow our lead. We are world-leading developers of renewable energy projects across both mature technologies and the many new facets, like battery storage and hydrogen, which the world will need if it is to create a low-carbon future energy system.

Scottish Renewables’ Annual Conference provides a platform to hear from the experts across our energy system – in power, heat and grid – as well as a place to discuss the issues which matter with the people making it happen, and those who can support you and your business.

We will look at the global opportunity, the clean energy opportunity and the economic opportunity we have here in Scotland to lead the world in renewable energy and the energy transition.

You will learn:

  • The scale of the challenge that faces us
  • The opportunities this presents to the Scottish renewables industry
  • The experts’ views on the policies and actions needed to ensure Scotland maintains its world-leading position in renewable energy

For the second year the conference is fully virtual, but we’re committed to delivering the same rich experience that delegates have come to expect. Delegates can connect instantly in groups or 1-2-1, participate in live Q&A sessions, explore the exhibition and engage in live polling.

Who should attend?

Scottish Renewables’ Annual Conference 2021 is a must-attend for all those involved in Scotland’s renewable energy industry. The event attracts investors and financiers, senior policy makers, technology and project developers, regulators, advisers, supply chain companies and many more from across the UK and beyond.

Sponsors & Supporters

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