COP26 Conference - Scotland’s role in raising global ambition

25 February 2021 | Online

COP26 will see global, life-changing policy debated and negotiated right here in Scotland. Our contribution as a nation to shifting the carbon emissions dial will be in the spotlight as never before.

Scotland’s unparalleled natural resource has stood us in great stead to date, and renewable energy will continue to be a major part of the solution the world must deploy in our efforts to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

Proven renewable technology as well as innovation will get us there, but COP demands action from multiple fronts – a focus on biodiversity and the way we use natural resources, as well as on how people’s behaviour can affect the climate change fight for better and worse.

This free to attend conference, brought to you by Scottish Renewables, will explore the key advantages we have here in Scotland – renewable technology know-how, well-managed natural resources supporting world-leading biodiversity, and an energy workforce that is ready to make the transition to a low-carbon and net-zero world. 

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