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Grid & Systems

Scottish Renewables works on behalf of our members with relevant government and regulatory bodies to create the optimum low-carbon energy system for Scotland.  Europe’s energy systems are going through a radical change in order to provide more secure, low-carbon energy to citizens. For Scotland's renewable energy industry to continue to grow and meet UK and EU targets, it is essential that renewables can be integrated into a modern, fit-for-purpose energy system, and play an increasing role in supplying our electricity, heat and transport networks.

We work to:

  • Secure the optimal framework for the supply, distribution, storage, management and system operation of our growing renewables portfolio through regular engagement with key decision makers
  • Represent the industry across a range of government and agency groups on members’ behalf
  • Lead the debate thinking and communicate the benefits of a modern, low-carbon energy system to the media, politicians and policy makers
  • Engage regularly with member organisations to understand the main issues facing the sector
  • Provide updates on industry and policy information to our members, and publish key statistics on our website
  • Hold regular conferences and Network events for members to discuss key issues and foster discussion and networking

Grid & Systems Forum

Members of Scottish Renewables can join our Grid & Systems Forum and receive a range of benefits, including:

  • Our daily briefing with all the latest news and headlines for our industry
  • Updates on policy and industry information relevant to the heat sector
  • Invitations to contribute to shape SR policy positions and consultation responses
  • Invitations to attend member Forums, other meetings and networking opportunities