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Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2019

How to nominate

To make a nomination please select which category you would like to enter from the list below using the tick-box and then click submit at the bottom of the page. Please complete the nomination form with as much information as you can and note that nominations are judged on their quality, not on the number received. 

The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Friday 20 September 2019.

If you think that your nomination could fit into more than one category, please select the category you feel it best fits. The judges may decide to move it if they think it has a stronger chance of winning in a different category.

In addition to the nomination you can supply up to one A4 page of supporting information which can include things like images, testimonials, examples of work, press coverage or a summary of a report. This can be uploaded as part of your submission. 

Winners of the Young Professionals Green Energy Awards 2019 will be chosen by The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2019 judging panel to be shortlisted for the Young & Inspiring Award. The winner will be announced in Edinburgh on Thursday 05 December. It is therefore not possible to enter this category.  

Finalists will be announced in October and winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in December.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Rachel Dickie at  

Good luck!


Academic Award, sponsored by Energy Technology Partnership

A talented graduate or student who has delivered exceptional work on a project or course. 

Achiever Award

An individual who has achieved outstanding personal development and growth/promotion within their role.

Analyst Award

An individual who has made an outstanding contribution or achieved outstanding results in an analytical role in relation to renewable energy.

Apprentice Award, sponsored for Centre for Work-based Learning in Scotland

A current apprentice whose dedication, ambition and drive set them apart. Judges will be looking for examples of individuals who have gone above and beyond to achieve real results.

Engineer Award, sponsored by ESB

An individual who has made an outstanding design, solution or other engineering achievement.

Innovator Award

A pioneering individual who is leading the way in the industry by providing solutions, developing new techniques or challenging convention with new project ideas.

Professional Service Award

An individual providing outstanding professional services of any kind to the renewable energy sector, or provision of services that achieved outstanding results.

Project Development Award

An individual who has made an outstanding contribution or achieved outstanding results in the area of project development.