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About the Event

Onshore Wind: Securing a Brighter Future

Join us in Glasgow to hear from leaders across industry, government and key stakeholders on the big questions facing the onshore wind sector as the industry debates the best way to secure a sustainable, long term future in Scotland.

Following a string of negative announcements in 2015, this conference is an opportunity to take stock and assess what needs to be done to ensure that onshore wind has a sustainable future.

The benefits of continued development of onshore wind are clear to many, but this conference will address the challenges which will have to be overcome in order to secure a route to market, increase efficiencies and cut costs.

The conference will address key questions such as:

  • What can be done to ensure a viable route to market?
  • Can we improve economics by increasing yield?
  • Will strategic planning play a greater role in future?
  • How can onshore wind integrate with storage technologies and other renewables generation?
  • What are the best ways for communities and developers to work more closely?

Scottish Renewables Storage & Systems Conference will be the following day, Thursday 30 June. Attend both conferences for a discounted rate and learn how energy storage can help optimise onshore wind developments. 


Why attend?

A must attend for those involved in the onshore wind sector in Scotland:

  • Hear about the latest UK and Scottish Government policy
  • Discuss, debate and influence what decisions are taken to benefit the sector
  • Meet with others in the sector to network and share ideas 


Who should attend?

The programme of speakers will bring together industry leaders, public sector representatives and investors to discuss the latest policy issues affecting the onshore wind sector in Scotland.


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