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The 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP26

November 9 - 20: Glasgow

The disappointment of COP25 means COP26 in Glasgow will be the UN event's most important gathering since Paris in 2015.

As the voice of Scotland's renewable energy industry we'll be helping set the stage in Glasgow - ensuring that Scotland's solutions to the climate emergency are heard as our country takes to the world stage.

A series of events, profiling opportunities and headline calls to action are already in planning. This web page gives some detail on those ideas, and we'll update it as they develop. We've also included details of the main Scottish Renewables contact for each workstream: we're made of our members, so get in touch if you'd like to get involved. We're looking forward to making sure you're at the heart of COP26.


Profiling innovation (throughout 2020)

We’re already working with our members to showcase cutting-edge innovation on the global stage.

Scotland leads the world in marine energy, and it’s right that devices which can deliver predictable clean power to some of the world’s most remote regions should receive the attention of COP26 delegates.

We’re working with Scottish Renewables member Orbital Marine Power and the UK Government on an exciting project which could see the company’s record-breaking SR2000 machine take a place in the heart of Glasgow.

Watch this space for more detail.


Blogs (throughout 2020)

Our blog series – 122 blogs and counting, and almost 3,000 views per year – provide a voice for our industry in a digital landscape.

Chief Executive Claire Mack has already penned a post on our Annual Conference, highlighting its importance in the context of COP26 – read it on our website.

We’re always delighted to hear from members with blog ideas and a willingness to get typing, so please drop us a line if that’s you.

Regardless, we’ll be focussing in on COP as November approaches with a bespoke series of blogs looking at the issues around climate, environment and all things energy.

Stay up to date by emailing Nick to join our spam-free blog mailing list.


Our work with young people (throughout 2020)

Ahead of COP we’re investigating a cross-cutting piece of work to gain an evidence-based insight into the attitudes of young people to our industry.

BEIS’ Public Attitudes Tracker already shows a clear shift from support between younger people – who are more generally in favour of renewable energy – and older people, who are less inclined to back clean energy sources.

The intention of the work will be to present a more balanced view of the public’s attitude to renewables, building on other evidence, for example the polling conducted in rural Scotland in 2018.


Partnerships (throughout 2020)

We'll be working with international and local organisations around COP26. We're already in talks with international policy network REN21, who will be attending COP, as well as the University of Strathclyde - both of whom are playing a role in the fight against climate change.

Please get in touch if you'd like to partner with SR's COP activities.


Scottish Renewables’ Annual General Meeting (early June)

Scottish Renewables 2020 AGM will focus on a key aspect of the COP26 deliberations: the future for fossil fuels in a net-zero world.

We’ll bring together both sides of the debate in Glasgow to debate and discuss as we seek to set out our industry’s role in oil and gas’s transition.


Westminster Reception (early June)

Scottish Renewables’ Westminster Reception is an opportunity for members to take their challenges – and successes – to the heart of UK government.

In the year of COP26, this event will focus on Scotland’s contribution to the fight against climate change. We’ll bring together innovators, exporters and advocates to showcase our thriving sector and the efforts we’re already making to tackle the greatest threat the world faces today.

Expect to mingle with MPs and Lords and hear from key influencers from across the political divide.


COP26 networking reception (date tbc)

We know that Scottish Renewables’ membership holds the key to some of the most complex aspects of the energy transition which will be at the heart of COP26.

This event, to be held in Glasgow, will bring you, our members together ahead of November’s conference as we ponder: what can the world learn from Scotland?


Scottish Renewable Energy Festival (Sept 14-27, 2020)

The first SREF took place in September 2019, and engaged our members with politicians, journalists and social media in a number of exciting new ways.

We’re looking to expand on that for SREF2020, which will be themed to feed into the build-up to COP26.

We’re particularly interested to hear from member organisations who could host an informal political visit, either at their office or project site, so that Scottish politicians at all levels can understand the breadth and depth of the contribution renewable energy makes to our economy.

Register your interest, or ask any questions, by email or phone.


Renewables roadshow (Sept-Oct 2020)

Scottish Renewables met with the Cabinet Office COP26 team on a number of occasions to discuss our industry’s input to the event, as well as continuing the conversation in regular meetings with BEIS and Treasury.

The UK Government is keen that COP attracts input from the widest-possible group of stakeholders, both geographically and sectorally.

To support that, Scottish Renewables is planning a series of roadshow events across Scotland, particularly in remote communities which host generation infrastructure.

If you would like to take part in this work, or suggest communities or projects which could be included, please get in touch.


Visual presence at the SEC (Nov 2020)

Scottish Renewables has acquired prime advertising sites around the SEC campus for the weeks preceding and during COP26.

We intend to use this opportunity to showcase our industry and its contribution to the fight against climate change to the event’s 30,000 delegates in novel and thought-provoking ways.

Sites include the SEC train station and the landmark Glasgow Arch.


The Scottish Green Energy Awards (Nov 2020)

Following pledges made by our Chief Executive Claire Mack at 2019's event we're conducting a root-and-branch review of the carbon footprint of our busiest event, as one of our commitments ahead of COP26.

We're aiming to cut the carbon emissions associated with the Scottish Green Energy Awards - the UK's largest event of its type - as well as providing guests with new data to inform their transport and food options.

We'll be blogging about our progress as this process develops, so keep an eye on our website for updates.


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