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About the event

SR Business Impacts of Network Charging Reform Seminar

About the Event

Increased distributed generation, fewer large centralised power stations and a future encompassing electrification of transport and heat means the electricity system must adapt.

Ofgem, the regulator, has proposed a series of radical changes to how network users pay for the maintenance, use and build-out of our electricity networks.

But what will these changes mean for the renewable energy industry in Scotland, today and in the future?

Network charging is a complicated business, so come along to this event to cut through the complexity and understand how these changes will affect your business.

Who should attend?

Renewable energy developers and asset owners, financiers and support services across all renewable energy technologies operating in Scotland.

Why attend?

  • Understand what Ofgem’s plans for network charging look like
  • Find out what the Targeted Charging Review means for you
  • Acronym bust – find out what ENAP, SCRs and BSUoS are all about
  • Learn how to get involved in the process
  • Cut through the jargon and understand how these changes will impact you 
  • Hear analysis of the shifting situation from leaders in the field

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