CANCELLED: Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2020 About the Event

Scottish Renewables' Low Carbon Heat Conference: Heat of the moment

Low-carbon heat is increasingly recognised as one of the toughest challenges on the road to net-zero emissions, so what can we expect in terms of future Government policy and innovation from the sector – and how can industry make the most of the opportunity afforded by our recently-upgraded climate change ambitions?

Heat networks have long been advocated as a ‘low-regrets’ solution to be deployed now, but have struggled to get out of the starting blocks. The Scottish Government’s Heat Networks Bill could change all that, building on the insights and expertise from a range of recent, innovative low-carbon network projects in Scotland. What can we expect from the bill and will it be enough?

Both Scottish and UK Governments have committed to making low-carbon heat mandatory for new builds by the middle of the next decade. What opportunities will this bring for our technologies and are we ready to deliver?

Although important, new builds are only a small part of the heat picture and increasing attention is rightly being played to our existing buildings. What will be the right solution for those connected to gas but unsuitable for heat networks? Find out how heat pumps, including hybrids, could play a vital role.

Politicians and policy makers will have to make some difficult decisions as they plan the heat transition. How can industry best make its case and how can uncertainties such as the role of hydrogen be managed?

Our 2020 Low-Carbon Heat Conference will survey opportunities from these emerging policies and look to provide constructive advice on the economic future of the low-carbon heat sector.

This is your chance to hear from senior figures in government, industry and academia and to set out your views as we seek to shape and accelerate the future of low-carbon heat in Scotland.

Key issues covered:

  • What do Scotland’s new climate targets mean for the sector?
  • What can we expect from this year’s Heat Networks Bill?
  • How are key players in the sector tackling the challenges of delivering innovative, low-carbon heating systems?
  • How can we accelerate the use of electric heat, and what role could hybrid heat pumps play?
  • What policies can we expect to replace the Renewable Heat Incentive and Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme?

​​Who should attend?

Industry and supply chain, local and national government, academia, public bodies, finance, advisory, legal, consultancy – anyone with an interest in the development of the low-carbon heat sector (biomass, electric heat, district heat, solar thermal) in Scotland.

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