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Onshore wind and net-zero: the sector's second golden age?

Major reviews of Scottish planning policy and renewed financial support from the UK Government have reinvigorated interest in the role of onshore wind in meeting our stretching climate change targets. But what will the road to net-zero look like in practice? 

This session explores how we secure a sustainable future for Scotland’s onshore wind industry and examines the business opportunities - as well as the hurdles - which lie ahead in realising that vision.


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Social and political earthquakes? How radically is the landscape changing around us?

The past year has seen shockwaves throughout the socio-political landscape with the declaration of the climate emergency, the announcement of COP26 in Glasgow and young people organising to demand meaningful action on climate change. But what do these events mean for the future of onshore wind?

This session will navigate the socio-political landscape and its implications on onshore wind development in Scotland.


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Making it happen: turning high-level commitment into on-the-ground deployment

Onshore wind is back in the CfD - but the next auction round isn't until 2021.

What does revived UK Government support mean in practice? How can a sector which is crucial to the UK's net-zero ambitions deploy before 2021? And is there a future for projects without CfDs?

This session will hear from developers, supply chain and government as we look ahead to a new era of financial support for onshore wind.


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Planning policy: how radical is radical change?

Scotland's Programme for Government headlines that “the global climate emergency means that the time is right for wide-ranging debate on more radical planning policy options”. But how radical can energy planning policies be?

This session explores opportunities presented by National Planning Framework 4, the role of planning at the local level and what the wind farm of the future could look like with planning policy change - radical or not.


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