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Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Economics & markets, Grid, systems & storage, Hydropower, Low-carbon heat, Offshore wind, Onshore wind, Planning & Consents, Solar, Wave & tidal

K2 Management supports its clients in their efforts to develop and operate energy projects that achieve the best possible return on investment. Our vision is to be a leading engineering and management consultancy by delivering sustainable energy project solutions globally. We do that by delivering a wide range of services within engineering, planning, management and due diligence, spanning the entire value chain of an energy project. We believe it is our duty as consultants to be 100 percent client-focused, dedicated and committed in our role as owner’s, buyer’s or lender’s advisor.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Grid, systems & storage, Low-carbon heat

Kensa Contracting is the UK’s specialist delivery partner for large-scale ground source heat pump programmes. Offering unrivalled experience and expertise, Kensa Contracting delivers a complete solution including design, specification, project management, householder liaison, specialist sub-contractor supervision, equipment supply, commissioning, and support with access to subsidies. Kensa Contracting is renowned for its innovative Shared Ground Loop Array systems deployed in social housing retrofits and social and private new build developments. We deliver proven, robust and reliable systems from simple tried-and-tested to ambitious and innovative applications. Kensa Contracting was established in 2013, some 14 years after Kensa Heat Pumps first started manufacturing its ground source heat pump products in Cornwall.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Hydropower, Onshore wind

Kilmac Energy offers a comprehensive solution for the development, project planning, realisation, financing and operation of onshore wind and hydro electric projects. We adapt construction and development skill set to deliver single turbine solutions to wind farms.
Civil Engineering
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Economics & markets, Grid, systems & storage, Offshore wind, Planning & Consents, Wave & tidal

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Operations & Maintenance
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Offshore wind, Wave & tidal

KPL is suitable for all energy sectors and the pending decommissioning market. All types of equipment can be trialled and constructed in low risk conditions within one of Europe's largest Dry Docks. On site, there are established quarry and port facilities, shipping agency, stevedoring, craneage and transport facilities with self-discharge work vessels.