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Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Onshore wind, Planning & Consents, Solar

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Trade Body
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Offshore wind, Wave & tidal

Decom North Sea is working to enhance knowledge transfer and facilitate collaborative activities to deliver "game changing" solutions that minimise decommissioning costs and thus ensure best value for tax payers and maximum business potential for its 250+ member companies.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Grid, systems & storage

Denchi Group is an engineering and manufacturing business that specialises in high reliability battery systems. We have been supplying batteries of various chemistries and their associated charging and management systems to customers with demanding requirements for over 30 years. Denchi Group has its roots in a number of industrial organisations including the Atomic Energy Authority, Duracell Inc. and Oldham & Son Ltd. and has a rich heritage in innovation, engineering and manufacturing. Our vision is to build on this heritage to create a dynamic 21st century organisation with a long-term perspective, a UK Mittelstand
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Grid, systems & storage, Onshore wind, Wave & tidal

Dentons is a full-service legal firm operating across the UK. As one of the leading renewable energy practices in Scotland with a core team of over 25 lawyers we have the capability and resource to deliver all the services that our clients need. A GIB panel firm, our clients include contractors, developers, funders, investors, land owners and regulators.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Economics & markets, Grid, systems & storage, Offshore wind, Onshore wind, Solar, Wave & tidal

2500 energy experts deliver world-renowned consultancy and testing expertise for the energy value chain. With an extensive track record in the energy, maritime and oil & gas industries, we help clients develop, maintain & strengthen their offshore wind, wave and tidal farms.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s): Hydropower, Onshore wind, Planning & Consents

Since 1982, Dulas has delivered trusted, reliable and high performing renewable energy solutions. We install and refurbish 100kW-2MW hydro schemes; planning for 50-3MW wind turbines; provide wind farm site finding services, wind monitoring, EIAs, and wind resource analysis.
Scottish renewables member

Specialist Area(s):

Operator of the Baldovie Waste-to-Energy Plant.