What is Offshore Wind energy?

Offshore wind energy refers to the construction of turbines in the marine environment, which capture the power of the wind to generate electricity.

Why is Offshore Wind energy important?

Scotland is home to around 25% of the whole European offshore wind resource.

Capturing this resource will help us tackle climate change and increase energy security.

The offshore wind industry also presents a huge opportunity to deliver economic growth. Offshore wind projects in Scotland have already led to over £164 million investment in the Scottish economy. With the right support, offshore wind development could be worth billions of pounds and create thousands of jobs.

What is SR doing?

Scottish Renewables works closely with the UK and Scottish Government to promote the best policy and regulatory landscape that will secure a thriving offshore wind sector in Scotland.

We also work with environmental organisations and existing marine users, such as fishermen, to ensure the development of offshore wind is both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Scottish Renewables’ work in this area is guided by our members through participation in our work groups. If you would like more information in relation to Scottish Renewables offshore wind work, please contact Lindsay Leask.

SR recent achievements in the Offshore Wind sector

  • UK offshore wind sector strategy published following input from SR to ensure Scottish activity supported. We continue to work with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change to understand the implications of the ‘supply chain plan’ and Contracts for Difference allocation.
  • Scottish Government announced an enhanced Renewables Obligation banding for ‘innovative’ offshore wind developments. The proposal is very much in line with SR’s consultation response.
  • Worked closely with Marine Scotland to help develop the new planning regime under Planning Scotland’s Seas
  • Published offshore wind investment figures for 2013 
  • Delivered “Offshore Wind and Supply Chain” conference, bringing together key industry players and a variety of stakeholders to discuss pressing issues
  • Worked through FLOWW to deliver the publication of the Offshore Renewables and Fisheries Liaison Guidance, a document which has been several years in the making
  • Prepared and presented a progress report on the Offshore Wind Route Map to the Offshore Wind Industry Group, chaired by Fergus Ewing MSP

Meet The Team

Lindsay Leask is our Senior Policy Manager for Offshore Renewables. Her remit includes: Offshore wind, wave tidal strategy, marine consenting & licensing and offshore grid coordination.

E: lleask@scottishrenewables.com
T: 0141 353 4987




Hannah Smith is our Policy Officer for Offshore Renewables.

E: hsmith@scottishrenewables.com
T: 0141 353 4000