What is Marine Energy?

Marine energy includes both wave and tidal energy. Tidal stream energy devices capture the kinetic energy of currents created by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the world’s oceans. The predictability of the rising and setting of our sun and its effect on the tide makes it an important part of our renewable energy mix.

Wave energy devices harness the kinetic energy from waves created by winds blowing over the surface of our seas. There are a wide variety of technologies being developed in Scotland to capture this energy. For more information see the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

Why is Marine Energy Important?

Marine energy holds huge potential to provide Scotland with a clean and secure source of electricity. Scotland has some of the biggest wave and tidal resources in the whole of Europe, and the Pentland Firth is recognised as the best site in the world for tidal energy.

Harnessing this energy will also create an industry which will deliver significant investment and jobs throughout Scotland, including in some of our most remote communities.

What is SR doing?

Scottish Renewables works with our members to promote the development of the wave and tidal energy sector in Scotland.

We also work with the Scottish and UK Governments, their enterprise agencies, and other relevant organisations to secure the regulatory and policy landscape that will enable marine energy to flourish in Scotland.

Much of our work is directed by Scottish Renewables’ marine energy work group. For more information on the group please contact Lindsay Leask.

SR recent achievements in the Marine sector

  • Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund to be refocused as the ‘Wave First Array Support Programme’ helping to address concerns raised through SR about funding
  • Lindsay Leask gave oral evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Environment and Climate Change Committee on marine planning and Marine Protected Areas
  • Published a Priorities Paper and communicated to Secretary of State, Ed Davey, calling for similar support under CfD as that under ROS, and to ensure sufficient budget for marine technologies is secured
  • Comments submitted on the sectoral plans and MPA network sustainability appraisal during the pre-consultation phase

Meet The Team

Lindsay Leask is our Senior Policy Manager for Offshore Renewables. Her remit includes: Offshore wind, wave tidal strategy, marine consenting & licensing and offshore grid coordination.

E: [email protected]
T: 0141 353 4987



Michael Rieley is our Policy Manager for Offshore Finance and Supply Chain. Michael also leads our work on terrestrial Planning (see separate page on Planning for more details).

E: [email protected]
T: 0141 353 4003