DateTypeTitleFocus Area
04/04/2014Scottish Renewables/RenewableUK Consultation Response: Marine Strategy Framework Directive UK Marine Monitoring Programmes
07/03/2014Parliamentary Briefing on Renewable Heat
07/03/2014Joint letter on renewable heat
21/02/2014Scottish Renewables response to DECCs consultation on Implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive as it applies to the metering and billing of heating and cooling
17/02/2014Scottish Renewables consultation response: CMP 223
17/02/2014Scottish Renewables consultation response: Allocation of contracts for difference
17/02/2014Scottish Renewables and Renewable UK joint consultation response: Allocation of contracts for difference Multiple Technologies
04/02/2014Scottish Renewables evidence to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee on NPF3
04/02/2014Scottish Renewables evidence to Economy, Energy & Tourism Committee on NPF3
22/01/2014Scottish Renewables - Letter to Baroness Ashton on EU Renewables Targets
17/01/2014Scottish Renewables response to the Scottish Government’s ‘Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits from Onshore Renewable Energy Developments’ consultation
14/01/2014Employment in Renewable Energy in Scotland 2013
09/01/2014Scottish Renewables letter to National Grid on constraint payments
24/12/2013Scottish Renewables consultation response: Supply Chain Plan: Addendum to Electricity Market Reform – Proposals for Implementation
23/12/2013Scottish Renewables consultation response: EMR Implementation
23/12/2013Scottish Renewables Consultation Response: SNH Core Areas of Wild Land 2013 Map
29/11/2013Scottish Renewables consultation response: RO Grace periods consultation
25/11/2013Marine Protected Areas network response
25/11/2013Sectoral Marine Renewable Energy Plans & Sustainability Appraisal response
22/11/2013Draft National Marine Plan Response
01/11/2013Response to Scottish Government consultation on the transition from the ROS to CfD
30/10/2013Response to DECC consultation on additional support for island renewables
23/10/2013Scottish Renewables and SEIA letter to DECC regarding Renewable Heat and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
07/10/2013Response to Ofgem's CMP213 Project Transmit Impact Assessment
07/10/2013Response to DECC's consultation on the Transition from the Renewables Obligation to the Contract for Difference