DateTypeTitleFocus Area
17/06/2015Scottish Renewables' Response to the Scottish Government's Good Practice Principles for Shared Ownership
05/06/2015Fifth Carbon Budget – evidence to Committee on Climate ChangeMultiple Technologies
03/06/2015Ofgem Open Letter: Non- traditional business models
27/05/2015Scottish Renewables response to the Ofgem consultation on distribution connections
27/05/2015Consultation: New Energy Solutions for Shetland
26/05/2015Onshore Wind Briefing
22/05/2015Scottish Renewables' response to Highland Council's consultation on Planning for Onshore Wind Energy in Highland
06/05/2015Scottish Renewables consultation response: CfD contract and regulations
24/04/2015Scottish Renewables' response to East Ayrshire Council's consultation on Planning for wind energy Draft Supplementary Guidance
24/04/2015Scottish Renewables' response to East Ayrshire Council's consultation on the Proposed Local Development Plan
24/04/2015Scottish Renewables' response to the SNH consultation on Spatial Planning for Onshore Wind Turbines – natural heritage considerations
24/04/2015Scottish Renewables/RenewableUK Consultation Response: Marine Strategy Framework Directive - Programmes of Measures
02/04/2015EC Call for Evidence on Habitats and Wild Birds Directives Fitness Check
01/04/2015Scottish Renewables CfD Position Paper
16/03/2015Scottish Renewables’ response to the SNH Carbon-rich soil, deep peat and priority peatland habitats map consultation
06/03/2015Implementing the Smith Agreement
05/03/2015Scottish Renewables' Response to SEPA Water Scarcity Consultation
04/03/2015Ofgem Open Letter: Voltage Rule and High Cost Cap
04/03/2015Consultation: ACER greater harmonisation of electricity transmission tariff structures
04/03/2015Contract for Difference (CfD): Auction Results Multiple Technologies
27/02/2015BVGA Wave and Tidal Supply Chain Development Plan
27/02/2015Capitalising on Capabilities MEPB Report
25/02/2015An Energy Strategy for Scotland
19/02/2015National Marine Plan debate
18/02/2015Wave Energy in Scotland debate