DateTypeTitleFocus Area
16/01/2015Letter on Post Consent Processes sent to Marine Scotland
13/01/2015Additional Evidence on National Marine Plan
09/01/2015Consultation: CMP 238
09/01/2015Consultation: New Energy Solutions for Shetland
15/12/2014Scottish Renewables response to Public Engagement for Wind Turbine Proposals – Good Practice Guidance
10/12/2014SR response to SNH Corporate Plan discussion paper
08/12/2014Scottish Renewables response to Fife Council's proposed Local Development Plan
17/11/2014Scottish Renewables' Response to the Scottish Government's Draft Community Energy Policy Statement
07/11/2014Letter of Support: Caithness and Sutherland Local Development Plan
07/11/2014Scottish Parliament draft Scottish Budget – written evidenceMultiple Technologies
07/11/2014Scottish Renewables Response to the DECC Strategy and Policy Statement
07/11/2014Commons Select Committee: Implementation of EMR
04/11/2014Building Britain's Renewable FutureMultiple Technologies
03/11/2014Submission to the Smith CommissionMultiple Technologies
14/10/2014Ofgem Open Letter: CMP 223
13/10/2014Scottish Renewables response to Aberdeenshire Council's Main Issues Report
26/09/2014Marine Milestones 2013-2014
17/09/2014Letter on Draft National Marine Plan 'Renewables 7' - presumptions on cablesMultiple Technologies
14/09/2014Scottish Renewables' Response to the Draft National Peatland Plan
10/09/2014Scottish Renewables: CfD the basics Multiple Technologies
10/09/2014Community Benefit Response
08/09/2014SR Response to DECC/RUK Shared Ownership Framework
21/08/2014Scottish Renewables Offshore Renewables Community Benefit Position Paper
20/08/2014Scottish Renewables consultation response: CfD Offtaker of Last Resort
20/08/2014Scottish Renewables Briefing: Draft CfD BudgetMultiple Technologies